Ways of Infection

Risk of Infection No Risk of Infection
  • You can get infected if you have unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. You should not have unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • A pregnant HIV-positive woman can infect her baby before or during the birth.
  • You can also get infected at hospitals during doubtfully carried out blood or organ donations.
  • When using the injection or a part of the cutlery from a HIV-positiv drug addict you can get infected, too.
  • Embracing or kissing
  • Handshakes, massages, fondling
  • Using the same cutlery, glasses, public toilet, sauna or laundry with HIV-positiv people
  • Contact with tears and saliva
  • Tattooing, piercing or acupuncture
  • Bites from cats, dogs or insects