"These are those women victims"

by Jayamma Bandari (President of CMM)


 "These are those women victims"
Who were...


Deceived by few in the society for their pleasure.

Victims entertained them for their lust and pleasure.

Many times with violence and gang rape

All just for ther family sustence,

To ensure that their children should not become like them

Especially their girl child


The flowers with their emanating fragrance do not know for themselves

What they are giving off to the society

The fragrance is enjoyed and due course crushed down their feet

The women are like flowers emanating eternal fragrance to the society

Now manmade aduleration with aligning the HIV virus

The lust and pleasure continues spreading adulterated fragrance

Resulting to discrimination, stigmatizing and making them 

The only carrier of HIV


This complex society with HIV/AIDS 


Journeying in the wilderness not knowing the destiny

A major challenge for all of us today is how

we bring back the natural fragrance

How can we strive to make this planet earth an eternal natural abode

Let's all make the sun rise and set a reality

and enable lead a simple normal life