Empower vulnerable children, youth and women, address the illiteracy, human-made social injustice, abuse, poverty and hunger so as to build a brighter future.



Finding and creating long lasting solutions to address Illiteracy, end human-made social injustice, poverty and hunger.

Indentify, protect, capacitate and promote CMM's visions in order to be a role model.


  • Solidarity
  • Partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Strive for excellence
  • Accountability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Subsidiarity



In general, CMM wants to...

... cooperate with like-minded institutions and individuals in India and all over the world

… make use of the capacities of women and children for Community Based Organisations (CBO)

… open to media and research in order to share knowledge and experiences

... promote volunteering


CMM's target group are women and children in sex industry, most of them have been trafficked and forced into sex work, many of them are affected by AIDS/HIV. For these vulnerable people, CMM wants to provide...
... Information about AIDS and reproductive diseases
... Prevention of children from entering into sex trade
... Rehabilitation of those who are willing to be rehabilitated
... Empowerment through institutional and community based support, education and training
... Medical aid

… Legal aid
... Care, homes and necessary facilities to orphans

... Community for sex workers and those affected by HIV, promotion of participation for an effective network
... Economical development by micro-credit and self-help concepts
... Information about the human rights and different legislative enactments for their protection

... Counselling in situations of any kind