An increasing number of women in the states of Telangana and Andrha Pradesh are suffering from being constrained by human trafficking and forced sex work. Even children are forced into commercial sex. Parents in the rural, coastal and other regions of India  are cheated and therefore hand over their children to middlemen who promise them education and a better life in the city. Poverty, a lack of awareness and protective systems make this unright trade possible. As one consequence, many women and their children get infected with HIV/AIDS because of their environment of sex work.





Chaitanya Mahila Mandali has been working on rescuing children and women from human traffickers for 15 years. They help as many children, girls and women as possible by offering different services such as residential care, trauma counseling, qualified education, medical care, nutrition and psycho-social support.


Chaithanya Mahila Mandali (CMM) gives hope and shelter to children who have been constrained in prostitution industry. The organization's aim is to prevent them from getting into sex work when they will be grown up. In Chaithanya Happy Home, CMM's orphanage, 42 girls get the chance of receiving good school education, quality food and a clean and safe home.


Furthermore, CMM works with women who have been forced into sex work. The organisation enables them to lead an alternative life and helps them to find their way back into dignity.However, not every woman wants to give up her job as a sex worker since they are already habituated with various habits including addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, surviving with various diseases including PB, Diabetic, T.B, HIV/AIDS and etc. Even so CMM helps them the ones willing to come out lead a good life. They explain the several genital diseases and offer counselling, free medical care with qualified medical team and offer needed drugs also free condoms. In addition, CMM offers the possibility of regular health and Aids check ups.


Chaithanya Mahila Mandali also works with urban and rural deprived Children, girls (Youth) and women, offering hands to prevent them from entering into child trafficking/human trafficking, unemployment/poverty, various physical abuses/sexual abuses, life skills-training/alternative vocational training to stand independent, educates to fight against the evil of dowry system, illiteracy and etc.





CMM rescues children, youth and women and give them the opportunity of experiencing a safe and dignified life. This allows them to break out of the vicious cycle of vulnerability and poverty for a successful and independent future.


With its work, CMM acts as a role model for the Indian population. CMM shows that non-privileged people can have a great positive impact on the society and can reach a better life, especially as the organization has been founded by a former  sex-trafficked survivor, Jayamma Bandari.



Donations to Chaithanya Mahila Mandali are Exempted from Incom Tax u/s 80G.
CMM Accepts foreigen contributions vide FCRA Reg. No. 010230753.